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Dance\player\p5 (P5D)

Formats GMD, GAP
Size 1.66 GB

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (P5D) keeps its Persona 5 player models and animations in the dance/player/p5 directory of its data.cpk.
Faces for these models are stored in Dance\player\p5\face and hair is stored in Dance\player\p5\hair.
Accessories are stored in Dance\player\accessory.

There is also a Dance\player\p3 directory with Persona 3 characters.

Player modelsEdit

Filename Character Costume Image
pc200_00.GMD Character Name Costume Name 100px
pc201_01.GMD Ren Amamiya Dance Outfit  
pc201_02.GMD Ren Amamiya Summer Uniform  
pc201_03.GMD Ren Amamiya Winter Uniform  
pc201_04.GMD Ren Amamiya Summer Casual  
pc201_05.GMD Ren Amamiya Winter Casual  
pc201_06.GMD Ren Amamiya Tracksuit  
pc201_07.GMD Ren Amamiya Swimwear  
pc201_08.GMD Ren Amamiya Butler Costume  
pc201_09.GMD Ren Amamiya Velvet Room Costume  
pc201_10.GMD Ren Amamiya Harry Potter  
pc201_11.GMD Ren Amamiya Yakuza Costume  
pc201_12.GMD Ren Amamiya Crossdressing Outfit  
pc201_13.GMD Ren Amamiya SMT Costume  
pc201_15.GMD Ren Amamiya Featherman Outfit  
pc201_16.GMD Ren Amamiya Christmas Outfit  
pc201_22.GMD Ren Amamiya Velvet Prison Outfit  
pc201_24.GMD Ren Amamiya Pajamas  
pc201_25.GMD Ren Amamiya Dance Outfit  
pc201_26.GMD Ren Amamiya Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc201_27.GMD Ren Amamiya Catherine Outfit  
pc201_28.GMD Ren Amamiya Shirtless  
pc202_01.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Dance Outfit  
pc202_02.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Summer Uniform  
pc202_03.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Winter Uniform  
pc202_04.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Summer Casual  
pc202_05.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Winter Casual  
pc202_06.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Track Outfit  
pc202_07.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Swimwear  
pc202_08.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Butler Costume  
pc202_09.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Velvet Room Costume  
pc202_10.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Halloween Costume  
pc202_11.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Yakuza Costume  
pc202_12.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Crossdressing Outfit  
pc202_13.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto SMT Costume  
pc202_15.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Featherman Outfit  
pc202_16.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Christmas Outfit  
pc202_26.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc202_27.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Catherine Outfit  
pc203_01.GMD Morgana Dance Outfit  
pc203_08.GMD Morgana Maid Costume  
pc203_09.GMD Morgana Butler Costume  
pc203_10.GMD Morgana Halloween Costume  
pc203_11.GMD Morgana Sonic Costume  
pc203_15.GMD Morgana Featherman Outfit  
pc203_16.GMD Morgana Christmas Outfit  
pc203_19.GMD Morgana Teddie Outfit  
pc203_20.GMD Morgana Aigis Outfit  
pc203_25.GMD Morgana Dance Outfit  
pc203_26.GMD Morgana Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc203_27.GMD Morgana Catherine Outfit  
pc203_28.GMD Morgana SMT Outfit  
pc203_29.GMD Morgana Halloween Outfit  
pc203_30.GMD Morgana Valentines Outfit  
pc203_31.GMD Morgana Black Cat Outfit  
pc204_01.GMD Ann Takamaki Dance Outfit  
pc204_02.GMD Ann Takamaki Summer Uniform  
pc204_03.GMD Ann Takamaki Winter Uniform  
pc204_04.GMD Ann Takamaki Summer Casual  
pc204_05.GMD Ann Takamaki Winter Casual  
pc204_06.GMD Ann Takamaki Track Suit  
pc204_07.GMD Ann Takamaki Bathing suit  
pc204_08.GMD Ann Takamaki Maid Costume  
pc204_09.GMD Ann Takamaki Velvet Room Costume  
pc204_10.GMD Ann Takamaki Halloween Costume  
pc204_11.GMD Ann Takamaki Yakuza Costume  
pc204_12.GMD Ann Takamaki Race Queen Outfit  
pc204_13.GMD Ann Takamaki SMT Costume  
pc204_15.GMD Ann Takamaki Featherman Outfit  
pc204_16.GMD Ann Takamaki Christmas Outfit  
pc204_17.GMD Ann Takamaki Cheerleader Outfit  
pc204_18.GMD Ann Takamaki High-Cut Armor  
pc204_26.GMD Ann Takamaki Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc204_27.GMD Ann Takamaki Catherine Outfit  
pc204_32.GMD Ann Takamaki Race Queen Outfit  
pc204_34.GMD Ann Takamaki Bathing Suit 2  
pc205_01.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Dance Outfit  
pc205_02.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Summer Uniform  
pc205_03.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Winter Uniform  
pc205_04.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Summer Casual  
pc205_05.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Winter Casual  
pc205_07.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Swimsuit  
pc205_08.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Butler Costume  
pc205_09.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Velvet Room Costume  
pc205_10.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Halloween Costume  
pc205_11.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Yakuza Costume  
pc205_12.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Crossdressing Outfit  
pc205_13.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa SMT Costume  
pc205_15.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Featherman Outfit  
pc205_16.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Christmas Outfit  
pc205_26.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc205_27.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Catherine Outfit  
pc206_01.GMD Makoto Niijima Dance Outfit  
pc206_02.GMD Makoto Niijima Summer Uniform  
pc206_03.GMD Makoto Niijima Winter Uniform  
pc206_04.GMD Makoto Niijima Summer Casual  
pc206_05.GMD Makoto Niijima Winter Casual  
pc206_06.GMD Makoto Niijima Track Suit  
pc206_07.GMD Makoto Niijima Swimsuit  
pc206_08.GMD Makoto Niijima Maid Costume  
pc206_09.GMD Makoto Niijima Velvet Room Costume  
pc206_10.GMD Makoto Niijima Halloween Costume  
pc206_11.GMD Makoto Niijima Yakuza Costume  
pc206_12.GMD Makoto Niijima Race Queen Outfit  
pc206_13.GMD Makoto Niijima SMT Costume  
pc206_15.GMD Makoto Niijima Featherman Outfit  
pc206_16.GMD Makoto Niijima Christmas Outfit  
pc206_17.GMD Makoto Niijima Cheerleader Outfit  
pc206_18.GMD Makoto Niijima High-Cut Armor  
pc206_26.GMD Makoto Niijima Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc206_27.GMD Makoto Niijima Catherine Outfit  
pc206_32.GMD Makoto Niijima Race Queen Outfit  
pc206_34.GMD Makoto Niijima Swimsuit 2  
pc207_01.GMD Haru Okumura Dance Outfit  
pc207_02.GMD Haru Okumura Summer Uniform  
pc207_03.GMD Haru Okumura Winter Uniform  
pc207_04.GMD Haru Okumura Summer Casual  
pc207_05.GMD Haru Okumura Winter Casual  
pc207_06.GMD Haru Okumura Track Suit  
pc207_07.GMD Haru Okumura Swimsuit  
pc207_08.GMD Haru Okumura Maid Costume  
pc207_09.GMD Haru Okumura Velvet Room Costume  
pc207_10.GMD Haru Okumura Halloween Costume  
pc207_11.GMD Haru Okumura Yakuza Costume  
pc207_12.GMD Haru Okumura Race Queen Outfit  
pc207_13.GMD Haru Okumura SMT Costume  
pc207_15.GMD Haru Okumura Featherman Outfit  
pc207_16.GMD Haru Okumura Christmas Outfit  
pc207_17.GMD Haru Okumura Cheerleader Outfit  
pc207_18.GMD Haru Okumura High-Cut Armor  
pc207_26.GMD Haru Okumura Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc207_27.GMD Haru Okumura Catherine Outfit  
pc207_32.GMD Haru Okumura Race Queen Outfit  
pc207_34.GMD Haru Okumura Swimsuit 2  
pc208_01.GMD Futaba Sakura Dance Outfit  
pc208_02.GMD Futaba Sakura Summer Uniform  
pc208_03.GMD Futaba Sakura Winter Uniform  
pc208_04.GMD Futaba Sakura Summer Casual  
pc208_05.GMD Futaba Sakura Winter Casual  
pc208_07.GMD Futaba Sakura Swimsuit  
pc208_08.GMD Futaba Sakura Maid Costume  
pc208_09.GMD Futaba Sakura Velvet Room Costume  
pc208_10.GMD Futaba Sakura Halloween Costume  
pc208_11.GMD Futaba Sakura Yakuza Costume  
pc208_12.GMD Futaba Sakura Race Queen Outfit  
pc208_13.GMD Futaba Sakura SMT Costume  
pc208_15.GMD Futaba Sakura Featherman Outfit  
pc208_16.GMD Futaba Sakura Christmas Outfit  
pc208_17.GMD Futaba Sakura Cheerleader Outfit  
pc208_18.GMD Futaba Sakura High-Cut Armor  
pc208_24.GMD Futaba Sakura Pajamas  
pc208_25.GMD Futaba Sakura Dance Outfit  
pc208_26.GMD Futaba Sakura Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc208_27.GMD Futaba Sakura Catherine Outfit  
pc208_32.GMD Futaba Sakura Race Queen Outfit  
pc208_34.GMD Futaba Sakura Swimsuit  
pc209_03.GMD Goro Akechi Winter Uniform  
pc209_07.GMD Goro Akechi Swimsuit  
pc209_08.GMD Goro Akechi Butler Costume  
pc209_09.GMD Goro Akechi Velvet Room Costume  
pc209_26.GMD Goro Akechi Phantom Thieves Costume  
pc210_01.GMD Justine Dance Outfit  
pc211_01.GMD Caroline Dance Outfit  
pc212_01.GMD Lavenza Dance Outfit